How to Exchange a Scuffed iPhone 5

While the majority of iPhone 5 owners report that their phones are free of blemishes when removed from the box, a number of people have seen defects.

For some, a small nick or two isn’t a concern as their phones will get used heavily and will show wear over time.

Others have reported multiple scuffs along the edge of their phone, which can be particularly noticeable on the black iPhone 5 model. Much as they would not expect to buy a new car with chips in the paint, they are unsatisfied with a brand new phone that has defects.

Some have chosen to exchange their new phones for an identical model of the same color. Since this problem doesn’t affect all iPhones, it’s possible to exchange and get another phone without any flaws.

Another choice some have made is to exchange their black iPhone 5 for a white model, since the scuffs are far less noticeable on the white iPhone 5.

If you open your new iPhone 5 and you are unsatisfied with its condition out of the box, we recommend exchanging it. Apple and all cellular carriers should be willing to provide you with a replacement if you express the reason for your dissatisfaction. As supplies of the iPhone 5 are limited, we recommend exchanging as soon as possible. When you receive a replacement phone, inspect it right away and ensure the condition meets your expectations.

Whether you purchased your iPhone online or in-store, the easiest way to exchange is to visit a resale store.

Below are links to find the retail location nearest to you:

Apple Store Locator
Verizon Store Locator

AT&T Store Locator

Sprint Store Locator

If you do not have a retail store near you, you may use these links to contact customer service by phone:

Contact Apple
Contact Verizon

Contact AT&T

Contact Sprint