Apple Responds to a ScuffGate Complaint by Email

We’ve seen the first response by Apple to a customer complaint to the “ScuffGate” issue. As reported by 9to5 Mac, Apple’s Senior VP of Marketing Phil Schiller addressed a customer support email.

iPhone 5 ScuffGate email response from Apple

Credit: 9to5 Mac

As shown above, the reply does not mention the scuffs on phone seen from the factory. It’s a very brief response and doesn’t do much to address the concern. There’s no indication from this email that Apple intends to look into the problem further.

We’re still waiting to see if Apple will offer a defined replacement plan for those who wish to exchange brand new phones affected by the issue. We also await a response on whether better quality control will be implemented at the factory level to ensure iPhone 5’s shipped in the future arrive unaffected.